The Team

The Team is led by the Charity Trustees:

Kathryn Sykes

Andrea West

Lynne Culliton

David Culliton

And are joined by:

Ian West - Sponsorship sales

Joe Hoinville - Sponsorship sales and event logistics

Lorraine Sadler - Sponsorship sales

Andrew 'Max' Smith - Local beer procurement

Paul Arnold - School Liaison and Site Management

All of the volunteers, pre, post and during events, draw no salary and give their time unconditionally.

One of the original founding four of the Aston Clinton Charitable Foundation (ACCF) and ACBF, Kathryn Syke's children are Aston Clinton School pupils.

As the Charity's deputy chair her responsibilities are Marketing, Licensing and Legals, non-alcohol procurement and income.

Andrea West works in education and understands the shortfalls in funding that are experienced locally in schools and charities.

No surprise then that she is our Treasurer and works tirelessly to ensure costs are managed and donations maximised.

Secretary and the one that keeps the entire committee in-check all year round.

For the festival Lynne is in charge of staffing, the food concessions and kids entertainment.

Wife (long-suffering) to David, their children attended the local school and Aston Clinton Brownies.

Dave has loved beer since his first pint (Burton) in 1983. His quaffing interest was overtaken as the UK Beer Renaissance took hold.

Also one of the original founders of ACCF and ACBF - now one of Buckinghamshire's largest independent beer festivals.

He has worked through the Institute of Brewing & Distilling Beer Academy curriculum, reaching the ultimate accolade of Beer Sommelier. 

Aston Clinton Charitable Foundation (ACCF)

The Aston Clinton Beer Festival is organised by the Aston Clinton Charitable Foundation which was set up in 2012 to raise money for local charities and good causes.

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