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Millwhites, from down the road in Bourne End, have long been the taste of the ACBF. Hedgelayer, a straight down the line medium cider with a light and refreshing taste - perfect for a hot afternoon. Scrumpy and fruit blushes will also feature.

As the years have passed so different and exciting ciders enjoyed by a different generation have been added, such as Lilley's Mango cider - adventurous but not lethal at 4%.

The ACBF8 Programme will soon list the producers and their ciders.

ACBF7 Programme
Entry Tickets, Tokens and Festival Glasses


Never tried a perry? Like a juicy pear with a kick? Then Perry is for you!

Perry is made from fermented pears, similar to the way cider is made from apples. In recent years, perry has also been referred to as "pear cider", but some do not accept this, but the National Association of Cider Makers disagrees, insisting the terms perry and pear cider are interchangeable.

Pear cider or Perry ACBF8 will have something for you to try.

The ACBF8 Programme will range the styles that we'll have for you.

ACBF7 Programme

Drink Aware

While the aim of this event is to raise

funds we would not want to do so at

the risk of your health or safety.

We therefore support the Drink Aware

Campaign. For hints and tips of how

to enjoy the festival safely please

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