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We try very hard to source the best cask ale that we can lay our hands on, from both the abundance of excellent local brewers and from the wider UK brewing scene.


Last year we had no less than 63 cask ales this year, making us one of the biggest beer festivals around. All that, plus 3 very tasty looking keg beers, 12 ciders, 2 perrys and traditional lager - it's quite a selection!


This year we've gone a little further with 80 cask ales and a craft beer wagon from Mad Squirrel plus 18 ciders and perrys.


ACBF6 Local Ales


ACBF6 National Ales 


Every drop was drunk and every cask raised valuable money for local charity.

Our beer

Most Potent by Farr Brew

This Porter was runner up in Hertfordshire’s Beer of the Year 2015 and has since become a favourite with a certain Roger Protz.


Six types of malt, old and new world hops, treacle and locally sourced honey all combine to create a deliciously complex porter with a deep chocolatey nose, and a rich, fruity, perfectly hopped flavour.

Most potent

Blue Sky Drinking by Arbor

A well balanced tawny best bitter from the boys from Bristol.


It has a full bodied malty backbone, balanced by delicate citrus notes, not usually associated with English hops. If you enjoy a clean bitter finish then this is the best one for you.


Platform C by Fallen

A new world IPA, bursting with hops from the Pacific North West, that enjoyed great exposure at this year's Craft Beer Rising event in London.


The juicy malt backbone acts as the perfect platform for the hops to shine. Dominant flavours include citrus and floral, pine and toffee.

Plat C